Drop-In:  Monday–Friday  1pm–4pm
Enrichment Classes:
  Monday–Thursday  4pm–5pm

Clinic Hours:  Monday–Friday  1pm–5pm

HIV Rapid Testing:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday  1–5pm

Clinic Services

Clinic hours: Monday–Friday, 1–5pm

HIV rapid testing:
 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 1–5pm

3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic offers health care for youth ages 12 to 24 including mental, physical and sexual health. Appointments and drop-ins are welcome.

Confidential services are free for all youth:

•  Pregnancy testing and counseling

•  Birth control (all methods including IUD and implants)

•  Emergency contraception (like Plan B)

•  STD testing and treatment

•  Rapid HIV testing and counseling

•  Pap smears and pelvic exams

•  Education on how to protect yourself

•  Free condoms

•  Prenatal care


Youth will need Medi-Cal or Healthy Families and youth under 18 will need their parent's permission to be seen for these types of visits:

•  Physicals for sports or school by appointment

•  Sick care for routine illnesses

•  Referrals for specialists when needed


Counseling Services:

Something on your mind? 3rd Street has confidential counseling services on-site and at local schools.  Our staff is always supporting and understanding – no matter what.  Youth come in for help dealing with stress, grief or loss, relationships, school, anxiety or other personal issues.  Let us know what you need.


How to be seen?

3SP Music Productions   5pm-7pm

Videography   5pm-7pm

The Village, Young Mothers   4:30pm-6:30pm

Cooking   5pm-7pm

Fun Fitness Friday   5pm-7pm


3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic